I met Duncan in 2005. I worked in Nagoya and the producer I know wanted to make yoga DVD and book. Duncan came as a second supervisor for this project. When I met him for the first time he looked very unisex. At that time he was a person of a front stage as he traveled as a part of Madonna’s tour crew or did a yoga class during Demi Moore birthday party.


During our first photoshoot in the studio, his appearance and the difficult poses made all people being fascinated by him.


I have a strange connection with Duncan. His father was a movie star Victor Wong who played in several Hollywood movies including ‘Tremors’ which I loved as a kid. When I was working in Las Vegas, I met Victor Wong during my transit at San Francisco airport. I remember getting his autograph. Then 10 years later I met by chance Duncan – his son.


Duncan is mainly doing yogicarts which is a mix of yoga, martial arts and Tai massage with a Western twist.

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