sense of new age – sona – 新しい価値観のもの作られたプロダクトたちにスポットライトを当てて、sona独自の視点でそのプロダクトを掘り下げていきます。マスプロダクションでも手作りでも、sonaが良いと思ったものだけをフィーチャーしていきます。

sense of new age – sona – the products made with a new sense of values.  We have found products with sona’s original point of view. No matter if it’s mass production or hand-made – when we think the product is good we want to feature it.


Maile Hawaii is a Hawaiian jewellery brand made by people who are connected to Hawaiian jewellery business for long time. To answer the needs of our customer, we decided to expand our business to Japan.