Swiss is a country people don’t know much about. Amy has a mother from this wonder-like country and a Japanese father. She is very talented and you can see that her beauty is coming from inside.


Where is the sense of values of Amy?


When you meet Amy you see the gap of how she looks (sharp) and how she is (very friendly). She has an ability to do things promptly. I met her for the first time during shooting an English educational tv show. This kind of tv show must be top-notch and easy to follow by the audience. As she did over 100 episodes every year for 4 years, it clearly contributed to her wisdom and diligence.


Swiss has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh and Amy is a native speaker of French. She went to the international school and UK university so she speaks English native-like. Japanese is her another native language. Speaking in three languages makes her brain being a driving force for other talents.

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